Post-Judgment Matters

Sometimes after a divorce issues arise that need further negotiation or litigation. Circumstances change and an agreement that once worked may need to be modified or provisions may need to be enforced. Some post-judgment matters or modification of orders that may require changes include monetary child support, division of property, or child custody.

Common post-judgment matters that may require modification are child custody and support. Changes in circumstances, such as financial abilities, location, life changes, marriage, and otherwise can be grounds to modify a judgment or agreement. Changes may also be in regards to a child’s health, education, and welfare. Greenblatt Law knows that circumstances can change quickly and we’re ready to counsel you on your options.

Some common post-judgment matters we regularly tackle at Greenblatt Law are spousal maintenance modifications, child support modifications, and child custody or parental time modifications. No two matters are alike, but you can rest assured that with our expertise with prior post-judgment matters we can help you to navigate each modification and change with your best interests at heart.

It can be very difficult to modify a judgment or agreement under New York law. Greenblatt Law is familiar with the arguments and evidence necessary to prevail in a modification proceeding in New York. If your former spouse has sought a modification, we can counsel you on the best defenses and the likelihood of success on the merits.

It may be in your interest to attempt a negotiated settlement of such issues before beginning litigation and we can counsel you on the options. We have significant experience negotiating and litigating post-judgment cases.

Contact us today if you need assistance in modifying a post-judgment matter or defending against a modification.