If you and your partner have children, there will need to be a determination of how parenting time is divided between you (physical custody) and how decisions will be made (legal custody). We firmly believe that reaching a custody settlement through mediation or a negotiated settlement serves the child’s best interests in most situations. Many times a litigation can become difficult for a child to handle and can harbor resentment between parties, but we understand that sometimes communication can break down and litigation may be the final option.

Child custody cases are among the most sensitive matters we handle and can become invasive and difficult for parents to navigate. Each case is unique and we handle each one differently based on the individual circumstances. Greenblatt Law understands that child custody battles can be hard on all parties involved. We will work with you to attempt a fair settlement during mediation, negotiation or litigation.

When it is not possible to reach a resolution, we are prepared to advocate for you and your children’s best interests in court during a litigation process. If your custody case is litigated in court, an attorney for your child or children and/or a forensic psychologist or psychiatrist may be appointed. With our professional advice and experience, our attorneys will guide you through this challenging process. We have significant experience handling high conflict custody cases. Elysa Greenblatt also serves on the Panel of Attorneys for Children and is appointed to represent children in Supreme and Family Court. Her representation of children adds to her understanding of the unique issues that parents and children face in contested custody matters.

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