Child Support

At Greenblatt Law, we are dedicated to assisting you in legal manners that will best help your family. We offer legal assistance with child support decisions, including initial child support negotiations during a divorce, post-judgment child support changes, and even child support appeals.

Child support is calculated by a formula devised by New York State law. It is not intended to punish any party, and is instead meant to benefit a child in a separation by legally defining the minimum necessary for each party to raise and support a child. We understand that child support may not be a one-size-fits-all approach, and it may not function properly for an extended period of time. Child support, however, cannot be waived due to bankruptcy, unemployment, or even if the custodial parent deems it unnecessary.

Whether you are required to provide child support or you are the recipient of child support, you may find after a divorce that your current settlement is not satisfactory. Whether you are paying or receiving too much or too little, or your situation has changed, we can advise you as to whether a modification request has merit .

If child support was ordered by the Court, rather than settled with the other parent, there may be a basis to appeal the Order. We can review your Child Support Order and advise you as to whether an appeal makes sense. Keep in mind that there are strict time limits in place for filing an appeal so you do not have a lot of time to make your decision. If you think an appeal may be wise, or if the other parent has begun the appellate process, contact us today.

Sometimes people fall behind in child support payments. It may be possible to negotiate a resolution with the other parent. If you need assistance in regards to child support accrual of arrearages, we can help. Please contact us for important legal information in regards to your unique case.