Mediation is a voluntary process in which both parties hire one neutral mediator to help them resolve their differences and reach a comprehensive settlement agreement. Mediation can be a less stressful process because a trained mediator will be able to utilize techniques to minimize the conflict and anger and help the parties make decisions together to reach the resolution that is best for the family. Greenblatt Law LLC’s attorneys are highly trained in these conflict resolution techniques. Mediation gives couples the power to make decisions for themselves, instead of having a stranger decide things about their lives as would happen in court. Mediation will be conducted through a series of meetings, sometimes with both parties in the room and sometimes separately if the mediator detects that separate meetings would be helpful to allow both parties to provide information in the least stressful environment. Our mediators have the experience needed to best guide the process to a resolution with the least amount of tension.

In mediation it is recommended that each spouse retain his or her own attorney to guide and advise him or her through the mediation process. That attorney typically is referred to as a “review attorney.” We have significant experience acting in this role.

We suggest mediation before litigation as both a less difficult avenue and a cost-effective process compared to litigation. However, mediation is not appropriate in certain circumstances. If you are not sure if mediation is right for you, Greenblatt Law can help counsel you on your best next course of action.

Our attorneys are trained mediators and frequently represent clients at every stage in the mediation process. We have years of experience in helping clients resolve their issues whether it is in relation to the dissolution of a marriage, the process of re-negotiating the changes of a post-judgment matter, or otherwise.

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