Areas of Practice


Following a decision, a party may not be satisfied with the result and may want to appeal. We will counsel you on whether it is advisable to pursue an appeal, providing you with the legal analysis necessary to make this decision. We are adept at making strong legal arguments with a persuasive writing style.

Child Support

At Greenblatt Law, we are dedicated to assisting you in legal manners that will best help your family. We offer legal assistance with child support decisions, including initial child support negotiations during a divorce, post-judgment child support changes, and even child support appeals.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Law is a alternative dispute resolution process where both parties and their collaboratively trained counsel commit themselves to resolving their issues out of court through a series of four-way meetings. While the collaborative process is similar to the negotiated settlement model of dispute resolution, it is unique in several ways.


If you and your partner have children, there will need to be a determination of how parenting time is divided between you (physical custody) and how decisions will be made (legal custody). We firmly believe that reaching a custody settlement through mediation or a negotiated settlement serves the children's best interests in most situations.

Divorce Litigation

Sometimes a case must be litigated to reach resolution. Divorce litigation is a way that a case will proceed if clients are unable to resolve their differences through mediation, collaborative law or negotiation.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence continues to be prevalent in our society and often plays a large role in divorce and custody cases. Domestic violence can occur between two parties, regardless of gender or social status, and can affect many people in a negative manner.

LGBTQ+ Matters

Our firm is committed to representing all families. We have experience handling the unique issues that LGBTQ couples and blended families face. We understand that non-traditional families often face additional challenges due to limitations in the law.


Mediation is a voluntary process where both parties hire one neutral mediator to help them resolve their differences and reach a comprehensive settlement agreement. In mediation it is recommended that each spouse retain their own attorney to guide and advise them through the mediation process.

Negotiated Settlements

The vast majority of matrimonial and family law matters are resolved through negotiation. In negotiation, each party retains an attorney and settlement discussions primarily are handled through the attorneys in consultation with clients.

Post-Judgment Matters

Sometimes after a divorce issues arise that need further negotiation or litigation. Circumstances change and an agreement that once worked may need to be modified or provisions may need to be enforced. It may be in your interest to attempt a negotiated settlement of such issues before beginning litigation and we can counsel you on the options.

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Before or after you get married, New York permits couples to enter into an agreement concerning financial matters. We can counsel you as to whether such an agreement would be beneficial.