Divorce Litigation

Sometimes a case must be litigated to reach resolution. Divorce litigation often is the last step after other attempts to reach resolution have failed. Divorce litigation is a way that a case will proceed if clients are unable to resolve their differences through mediation, collaborative law or negotiation.

Litigation can mean a series of conferences with an assigned judge that ultimately result in settlement or can eventually progress to a full trial. If a case must be litigated, we are prepared every step of the way.

If communication has broken down, divorce litigation may be your final step. Divorce litigation can be conflictual, so if you’re pursuing an amicable divorce, you may be interested in pursuing divorce mediation or collaborative divorce before defaulting to divorce litigation. Many times issues arise that are hard to resolve with a level head between both parties. These issues may involve child custody, financial disputes, division of property, spousal support and child support. Greenblatt Law is well-versed in these sensitive and difficult issues. We will aggressively advocate for you and strive to reach a result that protects your interests. Our firm is experienced in litigating matters involving all aspects of matrimonial and family law in the Supreme and Family Courts of New York.

We are here to assist you with your litigation needs and getting your issues resolved as soon as you can. Divorce litigation is not for everyone, but we can speak with you about your options and what may be in your best interest for proceeding to obtain the resolution you would like.

Contact us today if you would need to pursue resolution through divorce litigation.