Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence continues to be prevalent in our society and often plays a large role in divorce and custody cases. Domestic violence can occur between two parties, regardless of gender or social status, and can affect many people in a negative manner. When domestic violence is involved in regards to a divorce, child custody, or elsewhere, Greenblatt Law knows this can be a sensitive and difficult time.

Domestic violence can be used as a blanket term to cover physical abuse or mental abuse between two parties sharing a relationship. Specifically, New York law defines “domestic violence” applicable to crimes between members of the same familial unit. This relationship can include legally married family members, formerly married family members, family members related by consanguinity (blood relation), have a child together, or individuals who have had an intimate relationship even if they are not living together.

Many individuals who experience domestic violence may feel overwhelmed and trapped in their relationship. The same individuals who may be on the receiving end of domestic violence may also find themselves put in a difficult situation: they do not want to see harm come to their partner, but they also want their partner to change, leaving them in the position of feeling they must be the one to assist their partner with changing for the better.

If you are the victim of domestic violence in any form, it is important for you to care for yourself and any dependents you may have over the health and wellbeing of your partner. We are here to help. The attorneys at Greenblatt Law have significant experience representing victims of domestic violence. While we cannot speculate on any individual’s circumstances, we can assist you in laying out your legal options for putting necessary distance between yourself and your partner. We understand the revolving cycle of abuse and how it affects you and your dependents physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Whether you are looking for assistance and options in regards to domestic violence, or are considering divorce as a result of domestic violence in your relationship, Greenblatt Law can help. Contact us today.