Choosing a Divorce Lawyer: Things to Consider Before Signing the Retainer Agreement

Divorce proceedings themselves can be daunting, and shopping around for the right lawyer is part of the process. Before you dive into signing a retainer agreement with any lawyer, there are some things you should take into consideration so you don’t feel “stuck” with your divorce lawyer.

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Support Group

Divorce Support: Find Your Village

For many people, going through a divorce will be amongst the most stressful experiences of their lives. A divorce is a loss and you will need to grieve while also facing the day to day challenges of the divorce process. Navigating the process can feel overwhelming and unmanageable at times. It can help to lean on family and friends. But what do you do when your family and friends do not understand what you are going through because they have never been divorced?

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Form 1040 with Wedding Bands

Divorce On Your Mind? With The New Tax Law, Now Might Be The Time

If you have been thinking of getting divorced, the Republicans in Congress may have given you a reason to add divorce to your 2018 resolution list. Why? The new tax code eliminates the 75-year old alimony deduction. Without the deduction, negotiating a divorce settlement may become a lot more difficult and expensive. If you think you would be a payor or recipient of alimony, now is the time to speak to a divorce lawyer.

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